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Girl Band B&W
Jazz Singer
With Rebecca Luttio

Rebecca's approach to teaching singing and acting is to develop the two main factors in great performances: seamless technique and an emotional connection to the text. Rebecca utilizes a solid foundation in classical vocal technique, while providing a strong understanding of the techniques and styles related to contemporary pop/rock/R&B music and Broadway.


Immediately offering lessons to kids (age 7 and up) and to adults of all skill levels.


Rebecca with her student, singing the title role in ANNIE

increase Range AND FLEXIBILITY

Master the secrets of fundamental, classical technique to build strength and flexibility, so you can make specific musical and dramatic choices in any style of music.


Get real solutions to conquer common issues such as stage fright, fear of high notes, and physical tension to reveal the true range and capabilities of your voice.


Captivate your audience with professional acting and audition techniques to help you connect emotionally to the text and take your performance to the next level.


I have had an excellent experience studying with Rebecca. She immediately identified what I needed to do to achieve the proper technique and sound for my piece, and communicated it in a way that was totally clear and easy for me to implement. Don’t let her amazing price fool you—she knows what she’s doing! Also, it is important to me to study from someone who is an excellent singer themselves (who I’d like to sound like), and this is certainly true of Rebecca. She has a gorgeous, flawless voice!”

                                --- Jessica C. 

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